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Accuracy is Everything ....Whether You Shoot Compitition, Tactical, or Sporting

At, of S&S Sporting we believe that Savage Rifles are the best value and most accurate rifles on the market today, but they can be made better! offers Gunsmithing, Accurizing Packages, LeftHand Gun Stocks, Trigger Adjustments, Target Triggers, Tactical Rifle Scopes, Scope Mounting, Re-Barreling, Barrel Glass Bedding, Caliber Changes and more, all at reasonable prices.

Our Savage Rifle and Striker Pistol Accurizing Package corrects the excessive manufacturing tolerances in your Savage firearm. The action, new recoil lug, locking ring, and bolt face are all machined to make the entire rifle as if it were one piece of solid metal. The gun stock bedding is improved and the action/barrel fit to stock is checked and corrected if necessary.

Not only is the group size reduced, but shot to shot consistency is improved. Many customers have reported that an occasional flier they were getting that was not attributed to shooter error is now gone.

We have replacement stocks for your Savage rifle. We custom create left-hand rifle stocks. We offer rifle stocks made by Bell & Carlson, Brownells, and others . Styles include: Target rifle stocks, Hunting rifle stocks and Varmint rifle stocks. They are available as Laminated rifle stocks, Wood rifle stocks and Synthetic rifle stocks.

Click on the tabs on the left side of the page for more information on gunsmithing services and pricing. at S&S Sporting has been specializing in Savage Hunting Rifles, Savage Scout Rifles, Savage 110FP Tactical, Savage 10FP LE2A, Savage 12BVSS, Savage 116, Savage Varmint and Savage Striker Pistols since 1999.

The most commonly asked question we get is "Do you work on guns by manufacturers other than Savage?"

The answer to this is: "YES, WE DO!" Although this website is dedicated mainly to the work we do to Savage Rifles, we are a full service gunshop and are fully qualified to work on your other rifles or handguns as well.

We use the highest quality tooling and materials to give you the highest quality gunsmithing available. Combine this with excellent Customer Service and you will make your first choice for all your firearm needs.

Scott Null Gunsmith / Owner

We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the Colonists. We urge you to support those that exercise to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

Savage Arms Inc is a registered trade mark of Savage Arms Inc., - S & S Sporting is not affiliated or endorsed by the Savage Arms Inc. (but we do love their firearms!)

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Accurizing Savage Rifles
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Tactical Bases and Rings
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We carry Savage Basix triggers, and others, for your Savage Rifle and Striker Pistol
New Rifle Barrels
New Rifle Barrels, Savage Rifle Barrels, Benchmark Match Grade Barrels,Rifle Barrels professionally installed on your rifle. Many different calibers and styles available.
Muzzlebrakes make your rifle more comfortable to shoot and eliminate most felt recoil problems including jerking/slapping the trigger, pushing the gun, healing,
have a custom left hand rifle stock created from a Bell and Carlson stock
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Savage Gunsmithing , specializing in accurizing savage rifles
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S&S Sporting Proprietary Tactical and Hunting Rifle Stocks
tactical and hunting gunstocks in left or right hand for short or long action Savage, Winchester, Remington rifles
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Barrels Barrel Treatment for longer shooting life
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