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Accurizing Savage Rifles

At, we know that Savage builds a very fine firearm.

Like most manufactures, Savage uses CNC machinery to build their parts. The tolerances that their parts are finished to are not tight enough for the action, barrel and bolt face to be absolutely concentric. This is where Accurizing from SavageGunsmithing can help.

Our Savage Gunsmithing Accurizing Package ..... $339.00

If your rifle has Iron Sites, there is an additional charge of $100.00 Please call for more information.

Savage Flex-Stiffening .....$45.00

Accurizing Savage Rifles ... Why Do It

From the factory, rifles have several problems that can decrease the accuracy potential of your rifle. The face of the action is rough, and is not completely parallel to the action threads. The face of the locking ring also has a rough finish and is not parallel to the recoil lug and action threads. The uneven surfaces result in less than 100% contact between the mating pieces.

The stock recoil lug is a stamped piece of metal and varies from .004" to .010" side to side and up and down in width. We use a proprietary custom parallel ground recoil lug that is also oversize to transmit the energy over a larger area with less chance of flexing of the recoil lug -- even on the large magnums!

The bolt face must also be trued as well as the rear of the bolt-thread, the front of the bolt-body and the locking lugs so that all components remain 100% concentric with the chamber and bore.

Getting good contact between the locking lugs on the bolt and in the receiver embuttments is very important. Some say that the floating bolt head on the Savage rifles solves the problem of good contact. Most Savage rifles have good contact, but not all. Facing or lapping the lugs insures good contact on both lugs. The lugs on all the rifles we do are checked and machined as necessary to get good contact on both lugs.

The last item in Savage Rifle Accurizing is the stock bedding. The Savage actions are not bedded in the stock. Some stocks have a thin piece of plastic that the recoil lug bears against that flexes when the rifle is fired. The synthetic stocks tend to flex in the fore-end area also.

The end result of these is the barrel and action may not remain concentric with the barrel channel cut in the stock, in turn causing small amounts of pressure to be exerted on the barrel. When the rifle is fired these small pressure points will cause a hot barrel to move changing the point of impact.

Accurizing Savage Rifles... How We Do It

The front ring of the action, the face of the barrel locking nut, bolt locking lugs and the bolt face are precission machined. This effectively makes the entire action, recoil lug and barrel as if they were one uniform piece to maintain 100% concentricity with the chamber and bore. Accuracy is improved. Shot to shot consistency is improved.

The Savage synthetic and wood stocks have no glass bedding in them. Without glass bedding, the action can shift within the stock and cause that occasional flyer thus causing larger groups. We glass bed the recoil lug area and glass bed the area of the stock that holds the action. The tang and barrel of the action are checked to be sure there is no contact with the stock. The glass bedding holds the action firmly in the stock when the rifle is fired. It causes the action and stock to act as one.

On the synthetic stocks, if requested, we put glass bedding into the fore-end to stiffen up the fore-end. The reason we do this only on request is that it adds a little weight to the rifle; also there is an additional charge for it. This is referred to in our pricing as Flex-Stiffening.

Every little thing contributes to a rifles accuracy. A Rifle with everything in line, without movement in the stock, will be a more accurate rifle.

Presently turn around time is 8 to 10 weeks. We would be pleased to add you to our list of satisfied customers by accurizing your Rifles.

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