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We Custom Create Left-Hand Rifle Stocks.

It is sometimes difficult for the left-hand shooter to purchase a replacement stock for his rifle because they are not produced for each and every model available. We have solved this problem with our Left-Hand Conversion Stocks.

If you are in need of a left hand stock call 208-313-1570 to see if we can help.

We can also get for you the Brownells or Bell and Carlson Right Hand Shooters Stocks

We offer rifle stocks made by Bell & Carlson, Brownells, and others . Styles include: Target rifle stocks, Hunting rifle stocks and Varmint rifle stocks. They are available as Laminated rifle stocks, Wood rifle stocks and Synthetic rifle stocks. Call for information.

Also, still available are rifle stocks carried by Brownells

You can go to Brownells web site to view the stocks. We sell the Brownells stocks at a discounted price. These are really fine composite gun stocks.