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Gunsmithing Price List

All Firearms are Safety Checked Before Leaving Our Shop - Safety is #1!

* Savage Gunsmithing Accurizing Special ..... $339.00

Savage Gunsmithing will precision machine the front ring of the receiver and locking ring so they are concentric with the threads in the receiver. We replace the stock recoil lug with a Holland or SSS over-sized recoil lug that is ground flat on both sides. We then true the bolt face to be in line with action threads. The recoil lugs on the bolt head and in the receiver are either machined or lapped for maximum contact. The firing pin protrusion is checked and adjusted if necessary.

The action and recoil lug are glass bedded in the stock.

The head-space is set to minimum unless otherwise requested.

The stock/action fit is then checked to insure that there is no contact in the tang area and that the barrel is free floating in the stock with no contact points.

Rimfire Accurizing ........... $225.00

Accurizing of a Savage Rimfire Rifle includes Re-crowning of the Barrel, a Trigger Job, Lapping the Barrel and Polishing the Chamber, glas-bedding and a 15 - 20 shots firing w/target.

* Flex Stiffening.............$45.00

Some Savage synthetic stocks flex in the fore-end. We will fill the fore-end with accra-glass and a small piece of steel tubing to stiffen it up and stop the flexing.

Other Savage Gunsmithing Services:

* Rebarrel Action ............... $135.00

Put a new pre-chambered barrel supplied by you, or bought through us on your action and adjust head space. Price is labor only. See our Rifle Barrels page for options.

* ReCrown Barrel ..................$95.00 ---- Your choice of target crown or a radius style hunting Crown

* Glass Bed Action .............. $65.00

* Replace plastic trigger guard with a matte finish steel trigger guard ......$45.00

* Replace standard bolt handle with large knob target style bolt handle. This includes removal of your bolt handle, adjusting firing pin protrusion and installing the new bolt handle.......$45.00 5/8 inch tactical bolt handle. It's tear-drop shaped at the top and tapers down to a 5/8 cylinder. It's hollow in the base. It has grooves for the fore-finger and the thumb. target version is 3/4 inch. Same approximate configuration. This can be made without the finger grooves or made longer, per customer choice. Custom Bolt Handle .... $79. This is build off of your existing bolt handle. You would need to send the entire bolt assembly to have this done.

Installation is free if done at the same time as an Accurizing Package.

All Stock-work including custom stocking are available. Contact us for pricing.


* Standard Matte finish ......... $139.00

* Polished Finishes ....... start at $149.00

* Deluxe finish ......... starting at $169.00

Many finishes are available and done "in shop"

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Prices quoted do not include return shipping. Please contact us to have shipping price calculated. We need your zip code to do this. Insurance is included in this calculation. Over-sized boxes may also incur an additional charge.

Please do not send rifles or pistols with scopes, slings etc. unless the scope is to be mounted by us.

S & S Sporting - is not responsible for firearms damaged in shipping. Firearms will be returned to you in the original shipping container or box the firearm was received in when possible.

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