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Savage Key Links Below are links to many of the company's that make the fine products that we use to customize your Savage rifle. Click on their web sites and check out the fine products they offer.

Your Custom Savage Rifle can be built using any of the products offered. Our goal is to build you the rifle that you really want.

There is no need to settle for any one style. Your rifle should fit you and the type of shooting that you do. Use the Savage Key Links page to find the quality products that will make your Savage Rifle the best it can be. is where you find your favorite Savage rifle.

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Brownells offers gunstocks, triggers and barrels.

Bell and Carlson offers some really nice stocks at reasonable prices. For a additional cost these stocks can be customised for length of pull. Be sure to check out their custom camo finishes which are available through us at a discounted price.

Choate has several target and sniper style stocks.

Horus Vision 's patented reticles, advanced targeting software, and ultra-sharp scopes makes precision shooting fast and easy.

Scope Mounts , Bases and Rings:

We can get any available scope mount, base and/or ring that will fit your rifle.

Farrell mounts are rugged and made to the highest standards. They come in standard and 20 degrees MOA. They have also just come out with a new set of tac style scope rings that are very high quality at a reasonable price.

Nikon high-quality products.

For those interested in work done on firearms other than Savage we are a full service custom gun shop. We build custom rifles and provide gunsmithing on Winchester, Ruger, Sako, Remington, (including Ruger #1 and #3) and specialize in Mausers.

Rifle Scopes, and more Optic Accessories are also available.

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