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Muzzle Brakes

A good quality properly installed Muzzle Brake can not only make your gun more comfortable to shoot but can also virtually eliminate most problems resulting from the felt recoil.

It's understandable how trigger anticipation can be a serious problem with most shooters, not just the bench and varmint shooter but also the hunter. Most shooters that experience trigger anticipation either don't know they are experiencing it or don't understand why.

The recoil from any gun - especially the large magnums - can cause real problems. Jerking or slapping the trigger, pushing the gun, healing, lifting or turning your head are reactions resulting from trigger anticipation and they can all dramatically change the point of impact of your shot.

Have SavageGunsmithing install a new Muzzle Brake on your gun and see how much more you enjoy your favorite shooting sport, from better accuracy to limited felt recoil.

Installing a Muzzle Brake includes:

Threading the Barrel, Re-Crowning, Contouring the Muzzle Brake to Barrel Diameter, and Matte Refinishing - of Barrel, Action and Associated Hardware.

* New Muzzle Brake on any Savage 10-110 series or Striker Pistol ... Special price ... $265.00

* New Muzzle Brake on most other bolt actions ... $280.00

* New SS Muzzle Brake - with full installation ... $265.00

* New Muzzle Brake installed at time of SavageGunsmithing Accurizing Package... $235.00

* New Muzzle Brake installed during replacement of barrel ... $225.00

* Cap made for your Thread Protection, made at time of Muzzle Brake installation .... $40.00

We have designed and now manufacture and install a NEW Muzzle Brake which offers incredible results.


While a muzzle brake will raise the DB intensity that the shooter is exposed to, it is not suggested that you shoot any firearm without hearing protection. Though most hunters prefer to not wear hearing protection in the field for various reasons, the new attenuating hearing protection helps you hear better as well as protect your hearing during the shot.