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New Rifle Barrels

New Rifle Barrels, Re-Barreling Your Rifle

New Rifle Barrels are available in just about any caliber, twist, length and contour that you can imagine.

Why Rebarrel:

People rebarrel their rifles for many reasons. Better accuracy, caliber change and a different contour are some of the reasons. If you have a bullet that you really like, the twist rate of the barrel can be matched for the best possible accuracy. Having the correct twist rate can really make a difference in how well the bullet is stabilized. We can match the twist rate to your favorite bullet weight and style. Custom barrels can be had in different lengths to match the type of shooting that you are doing. Let us work with you to get the best possible barrel for your intended use.

With a new match grade barrel with Accuracy Package we commonly see 0.5 or better accuracy with hand loads, and 1.0 accuracy with factory loads.

Match Grade Barrels:

For the custom barrel we like Benchmark Barrels. They are Match Grade Barrels and can be ordered in the length, rate of twist, and contour you need, cut to your desired caliber, custom fit to your rifle, with the finish that you specify.

While a Stainless Steel barrel has an initial higher cost, Chrome Molly barrels require more time and work for the finish therefore the overall cost is to be the same.

*price for Chrome Molly $719.00 .....with a standard Matte finish

*price for Stainless Steel $719.00 .....with a standard Matte finish

Match Grade Barrels take about 8-10 weeks to receive from order date, plus the additional time to machine fit and finish to your rifle.

Barrel Finishes:

* Polished Finishes ....... start at $179.00

* Deluxe finish ......... start at $209.00

Many finishes are available and done "in shop"

For the exact barrel to fit your needs, please contact Scott

by phone at 208-313-1570 or


Savage Striker Pistol Barrels:

We can special order match quality barrels for your Striker; Regular Contour or Bull Barrel.

*price for Chrome Molly Striker Barrel $679.00 .....with a standard Matte finish

*price for Stainless Steel Striker Barrel $679.00 .....with a standard Matte finish