Savage Rifle Stocks

Savage Gunsmithing can order Savage Rifle Stocks for your rifle, although we do not keep them in inventory.

If you are looking to get your rifle accurized and want a new stock added, you can save some money on shipping by sending only the barreled action and have us put the new stock of your choice on your action. The new stock will be glass bedded for better accuracy.

Price is $249.00 plus cost of stock. There will be no additional charge for the bedding unless complicated inletting is necessary.

Styles available:

The following rifle stocks are carried by Brownells. You can go to Brownells web site to view the stocks. We sell the Brownells stocks at a discounted price. These are really fine composite gun stocks.

Woodchuck – Classic sporter styling --

Long Range Bench – Flat forend and flat buttstock. Barrel channel cut to fit medium To heavy varment contour barrels --

Coyote Stalker – Thumbhole style stock --

Hunting Sporter – Classic straight comb --

Mule Deer – Has a Monte Carlo style comb for shooting with a scope --