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Proprietary Rifle Stocks

Tactical and Hunting Styles

Due to the great need in the industry and the huge number of requests we have received we at S&S Sporting / have been developing new proprietary designs. All of our stocks are made from the finest laminant materials available.

Throughout our years in the business of building custom and semi-custom rifles we have received many inquiries for left-handed stocks for Savage rifles; and many requests for stocks in both left and right hand to fit rifles with detachable mag floor-plates. Many of you already know we have been working with Bell and Carlson stocks reconfiguring them for the left handed shooter.

We have our own S&S Sporting Proprietary Tactical and Hunting Rifle stock designs.

The Tactical

The Mountain Sporter

The Light-Weight Sporter

The Ultra-Light-Weight Sporter - weight is approx. 22 oz

These stocks are all currently available in Three Color Styles, or can be dip-coated in a variety of choices..

Birch-wood - a light cream and brown

Pepper - a gray and black

Camo - a green, brown, and black

All stocks come with a 3-coat Matte Finish and a standard rifle butt-pad.

You can specify a choice of butt-pad for an additional cost.

Stocks may also be ordered with an adjustable butt pad and/or an adjustable comb at additional cost.

Tactical Stock in 'Pepper' - $560.00 w/matte finish

The Ultra-Light-Weight Sporter , in 'Birch-wood' $560.00 w/matte finish

The Mountain Sporter in 'Birch-wood' - $525.00 w/ matte finish

You simply need to let us know your Manufacturer... Savage, Remington, Winchester, or Montana Rifleman.

your Action Length... Long or Short

Your Hand Preference... Left or Right

Your Action Type... Blind Magazine, Detachable Magazine, Hinged Floor Plate

Call NOW to place your order.

The Tactical - $560.00 w/ matte finish

The Mountain Sporter - $525.00 w/ matte finish

The Light-Weight Sporter - pending in production

The Ultra-Light-Weight Sporter - $560.00 w/ matte finish

Glas-bedded to your barreled action - add $35.00

If stock is replaced during an Accurazing there is no additional charge for the Glas-bedding.

or send an e-mail.

Stocks to fit, Combinations Currently Available


Right or Left Handed,

Long or Short Action,

Blind Magazine,

Detachable Magazine,

Hinged Floor Plate


Right or Left Handed,

Long or Short Action,

Blind Magazine,

Hinged Floor Plate

Winchester Model 70:

Right or Left Handed,

Long or Short Action,

Blind Magazine,

Hinged Floor Plate

Montana Rifleman:

Long or Short Action,

Right or Left Handed,

Hinged Floor Plate

We still custom create left-hand rifle stocks.

We can still get you the Brownells or Bell and Carlson stocks if that is what you prefer.

We offer rifle stocks made by Bell & Carlson, Brownells, and others . Styles include: Target rifle stocks, Hunting rifle stocks and Varmint rifle stocks. They are available as Laminated rifle stocks, Wood rifle stocks and Synthetic rifle stocks. Call for information.

Also, still available are rifle stocks carried by Brownells

You can go to Brownells web site to view the stocks. We sell the Brownells stocks at a discounted price. These are really fine composite gun stocks.