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Through the years we at S&S Sporting have offered and installed a large selection of Barrels in Different Chamberring for our customers.

We are now offering Custom Barrels, Contoured, Chambered and Cut, for either your Savage, in a large or small shank, or your Remington thread. These barrels are cut in our own custom shop.

All of our barrels will now be available with the S&S Barrel Nut, nut system. This Barrel Nut has a step which makes a smooth transition from the recoil lug area to the barrel shank eliminating the typical maximum diameter of the Savage equal to the thread diameter. It will now give you the ability to use a 1.250" or larger shank. This will add to the strength of the chamber area for those large magnums and make a much more attractive transition from the action to the barrel.

Our standard barrels will run 1.200" to 1.250" depending upon the chamberring.

We have a compliment of most Sammy Spec reamers as well as many Match and Wildcat reamers.

Our Barrels are available, installation ready.

Threaded and Chambered with a Muzzle Brake or a cap in your choice of polished blue or matte blue finish. Stainless finishes in polished or matte.

Crown options include:

* a radius crown for a non-muzzlebraked hunting rifle

* a flat recessed target crown

* an 11 degree target crown

Threaded and Chambered with a Matte Blue finish in Standard Contours.

Threaded, chambered, contoured, with the S&S barrel nut, in a matte finish ... $595.00

Add a Contoured Muzzle Brake ...... +$195.00

Add a Cap .... +$50.


Email to place your order, for pricing, or with specific questions concerning your new barrel needs.

We also have available to you a Proprietary process of treating/coating of the Rifle Barrel which will reduce Inner Wear from Shooting and Increase the life of your barrel incredibly.

Imagine your barrel lasting through 10s of 1000s of shots! It IS now possible. The cost of this Barrel Coating is $380.00

Barrel Lapping .......... $60.00