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Contact and Payment Information

Contact Information

S&S Sporting

1845 S. 1500 E

Driggs, Idaho 83422

Use this address to ship packages by FED EX, UPS or USPS.

We have found firearms shipping regulations to be confusing, even to employees of shipping companies.

If you encounter any shipping problems, call us and we can help. We can arrange for a pickup for you by FEDEX. There is a small fee for this service.

Business hours 8:30am - 6-00pm MST. Phone: 208-313-1570


We try to make a timely response to e-mails...sometimes it takes some time to get together the information you are requesting. Please be patient. If we take a few days to answer, or you feel you may have been overlooked, please send another email with re-email in subject box, to give Scott a call at 208-313-1570

We look forward to improving your firearm for you! You will LOVE the difference!

Payment Information

We accept payment by certified or personal check, e-currency, postal money order, or credit/debit card. There is a 3% processing fee added to credit/debit card payments.

In most cases payment is required at time of shipment/work-order for work to begin. In some instances we will accept partial-payment at shipment with remainder paid before return shipment. If you need special payment arrangements please let us know. We believe a safe accurate firearm is important.

Full payment must be made on Special Offer Custom Savage Rifles prior to order.

A deposit will be required for barrels and stocks.

Prices quoted do not include return shipping. Please include your postal zip number so we can calculate your shipping costs.

We will calculate shipping with insurance. Over sized boxes may be an additional charge.

For CREDIT / DEBIT Card payments, you may request a credit card invoice by e-mail including the address you wish to receive it through. It will be paid to email address , or through either ProPay or PayPal

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Scott Null / S&S Sporting

Checks may require a waiting period to clear.

Thank You for your interest. We look forward to improving your firearms.

Savage Gunsmithing

*All prices subject to change.

S & S Sporting - is not responsible for firearms damaged in shipping. Firearms will be returned to you in the original shipping container or box the firearm was received in when possible.

S & S Sporting / is not affiliated with Savage Arms Inc.

Savage Arms is a trade mark of Savage Arms Inc.