Rimfire Rifles

Accuracy is Everything .... Competition, Tactical, or Sporting

Savage also builds high quality Rimfire Rifles. We offer these as well as Center-fire Rifles with our

Special Offer .

Our NEW Accurizing Package of a Savage Rimfire Rifle now includes Re-crowning of the Barrel, a Trigger Job, Lapping the Barrel and Polishing the Chamber, glas-bedding and a 15 - 20 shots firing w/target.

** Please note that we include Barrel Lapping and a 15 - 20 Shot Firing w/target.

The cost for the NEW Rimfire Accurizing Package with New heavy gauge Bottom Iron ..................... $225.00

You may purchase a new thicker bottom iron.

The NEW Bottom Iron we manufacture for the Rimfire Rifle can be purchased for $35.00 + $1.95 s&h. Please specify 22lr or 17hmr and color of blued or SS when you contact us for order. You can email scottsgunsmithing@yahoo.com or call in your order. Payment may be made by credit/debit card, Paypal payment to snull@pdt.net, or mailing a check to S&S Sporting. We typically send these out within 24 hours of receiving payment.

I will send a Paypal invoice if requested.

We have a NEW One Piece Rail Scope Base manufactured specifically for the Rimfire Rifle which you can purchase alone or in a Ring and Base Package.

Base ...................................$68.00

Base and Quad-lock Rings .............. $98.00

Base and 6-screw Rings ............... $119.00

Tactical Base and 6-screw rings .......$239.00

Mounting and bore sighting is done with no additional charge with either ring choice

RimFire Light Strike Issue

As you may have seen or heard from your friends and forum members, we have a heavy duty replacement firing pin spring for your rim-fire rifle, to fix that frustrating light strike-misfire issue!

Before simply replacing your spring, though, the first thing you must do is determine that your head spacing is correct. You can easily check this yourself.

Simply fire a couple of cartridges through your chamber, then find a perfectly flat surface to work on.

Stand a new cartridge next to your recently fired one on the flat surface. Check if there is any more of a tendency of the fired cartridges to rock as compared to the new unfired cartridges. The rocking might indicate a head spacing issue.

If you have a head space issue it must be addressed, as simply replacing the spring will not completely solve your misfiring problem.

With a Rim-Fire Accurizing Package, $225.00 we include head-spacing, or we will adjust head-spacing alone, as well as tune up your bolt for $57.00 (including return shipping).

E-mail, or call, to get your rifle in top firing condition. Let us help you with the options to suit your firearms needs.