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Savage Tech:

Scope Bases

The Accutrigger models came on the market in 2003. The rear of the reciever on the Accrutrigger models is now rounded and requires a different rear mount than the earlier models. The Farrel Bases are nice for the Accutrigger models. They are a one piece mount, and are very well made.

Firing Pins

Savage rifles have two different diameter firing pins. The standard caliber firing pins are .145", the Magnum calibers are .095". These measurements are taken on the part of the firing pin that goes thru the cross pin. All rifles made since 2001 have .095" diameter firing pins. The bolt heads are different for each of the pin diameters.

UltraMag and WSM Rifles

Savage changed the bolt heads on these calibers to a controlled feed system. The bolt heads have been modified to allow the cartridge to slide under the extractor. The ejector in these models is in the reciever instead of the bolt face. These changes allow reliable feeding of these larger cartridges.

Barrel Shank Sizes

The shank diameter on Savage's standard calibers is 1.055" The Savage rifles chambered in Remington Ultra Mag and Winchester Short Magnum have a larger shank diameter. These measure 1.120" The outside of the barrel nut is the same diameter on both the standard calibers and the Ultra Mag - WSM calibers. All barrels are threaded 20 threads per inch. Note: Some of the first Ultra Mag and WSM rifles were made with the smaller diameter shank. The larger diameter shank barrels will have a step in front of the barrel nut.

Other Specs

Short action is 8.750" long with a bolt travel of 4"

Long action is 9.25" long with a bolt travel of 4.5"

Bolt head diameters are .475" for the standard calibers and .535" for the magnum calibers. Bolt face recess .135"

Guard hole spacing: Short action 4.525"

Long action 5.025"

Magazine length: Short action 2.85"

Long Action 3.40"

Receiver ring diameter 1.380"